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About the Project

Working Class Creatives - Accessibility to Creative Industries

With a focus on storytelling and people's personal experience, this project explores barriers to creative industries, and how larger organisations can help aid in these barriers. Creating conversations around people’s experiences. Initially launched with interviews and an open mic discussion night - Work is underway to explore the barriers identified. If you have an interest in the project, either to work together or just have a chat please feel free to reach out

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“People working within culture, making culture, are not currently representative of the nation’s demographics and there is more work to be done to truly make the workforce open to all.”

Dr Orion Brook

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Hi, Nathan

A  multidiscipline designer with a focus on People, Places and Purpose. 

I have just finished my MSc in Product Design at DJCAD. I am a designer with people and place at the core of my design process. Driven by the stories and experiences of people to create services, experiences, environments and products.

Through my time in education, I have worked in areas that directly affect people, whether that is education, communities, or healthcare. Using Design thinking techniques for both my own process, but also to bring stakeholders onto the process. Championing Co-Design, and workshops to co-create and prototype a design.  Throughout the Masters, I have become focused strongly on community engagement. Looking at ways to work with people, both for research and to build stories around the people involved. 

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