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Phase 2 - Representation

“A barrier to me is my perception of what someone like me can do” – Art Bar Punter, 2023

An open call – One of the key barriers I have found throughout this project was representation within the arts. When talking with people they often felt like they didn’t belong in the creative industries, rarely seeing someone who represents them.

On the WCC launch night, I heard stories directly from people who were put off from a career in creative industries, feeling like it was a world they didn’t belong in. There is a need for people to see themselves represented in this industry, so people can have someone to look to for inspiration and encouragement. So, they know they belong in this industry the same as everyone else, to have someone to look at and feel like they belong.

As part of this project, I want to help spread and champion these voices, stories, and creativity. I would love to speak to people from Working Class backgrounds practising in the creative industries, to share your story and your craft. This could be an interview, some photography, or a short documentary. I want to talk about your experiences and your creative outputs. Showing off stories like ours and what people like us can do.

You can contact me here on the website, by email, linked in or Instagram.

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Instagram - @nathansdesignpage

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